Boppin 2.0

A classic freeware intelligence game

Version 2.0.5 replaces all sounds with original Amiga sounds


  • Version 2.0.5 replaces all sounds with original Amiga sounds

The goal of Boppin' is to match Bopping blocks. To do this you must first pick up a block. Walk over the Sources, the locations where you first appear, to pick up Bopping blocks as they appear. Your character will automatically pick up the Bopping block.

To throw Bopping blocks, stop, hold down the action button, and then move the controller in the direction you wish to throw, either left, or right. You can waggle the controller left or right before you throw. To actually throw a Bopping block, you must release the action button. The block is thrown only when you release the button.

You can only throw diagonally up left, or diagonally up right. This means that you have to play Boppin' a bit like pool or billiards...the secret is in finding angles to bounce blocks off of. Beware of floors, though, some are deadly and a Bopping block that hits a deadly floor will cost you.

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Boppin 2.0

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